I absolutely LOVE Fever Bugz! My daughters (17 months and 3 years) wear them and don’t bother them. I can actually get a temperature reading that I trust. My oldest daughter actually wants me to check her temperature all the time-even when it is obvious that she has no fever! The only thing I would do to improve them is to make the temperature glow in the dark so that you can still monitor your child’s temperature at night without having to turn on the light to see the numbers. Thank you,
Amanda R. / Chillicothe, IL

Fever-Bugz are the coolest!! A fun sticker that tells your your child’s temperature within seconds, and continues to work for up to 48 hours. We love these and I had to spread the word about them! Super cheap, hypoallergenic, easy, and fun for kids!
LoraAndLayton / on YouTube
LOVE LOVE LOVE – These are amazing. I have a 11 month old and a 3 year old girl who HATE me taking their temp. I have tried the forehead ones, the ear ones…I have done them all. This absolutely by far is the most amazing thing and puts your mind to ease. The only thing I would change is a way to make it glow so reading it at night would be easier. Thank you for making these and putting this moms mind at ease.
Kelly Mc / Florence, KY
We love Fever Bugz at our school. It is so handy to have a way to evaluate fever without having to share a thermometer.Thank you for an amazing product!
Christina W., M.Ed. / Elementary School 2nd & 3rd grade classroom teacher
Just wanted you to know that these little stickers are pure genius and I’m spreading the word! I work at a Walgreens so I saw the product on the shelf but had never tried them or heard anything about them. Last week I decided to give them a shot when my toddler developed a fever, and rather than struggle and wrestle with him every few hours to try to take his temperature, I was able to only take his temperature a few times a day, yet monitor him all day long by glancing at a sticker! I got peace of mind and my son got some peace! I am pleased to say that next time a customer asks for a recommendation for a sick child, I will be suggesting Fever Bugz as a must have! On a final note: PLEASE make these available on-line! Several of my friends have said that while they had heard of Fever Bugz and wanted to try them, they were unable to find them at a Walgreens and the sales people didn’t know what they were talking about.
Cassie B. / Saint Louis, MO
I bought these today for my almost year old. I think they are amazing! I’ve already called several friends to tell them about what I found in the store. I saw another brand next to them, that seemed to be more accurate (would tell the exact temp), but these are soo much cuter! And really, when I see that the temp is reading high, I’m going to take it the traditional way anyway. My husband can almost look at the girls and tell what their temp is, I don’t have that talent. And since one of my girls had a seizure from a spiked fever, I am very nervous about them. With this I can have my husband’s talent, and that takes some of my worry away!
Mama. W.
Awesome!! I find they really work!! because I put one on my daughter when she felt a little warm…wrote the temp down and then put it on my self and it said i was normal and that she had a fever…so cool!!
Julie H.