Frequently Asked Questions

Can Fever-Bugz® replace a traditional thermometer?
Fever-Bugz® is a temperature indicator. It is good for continuous fever monitoring and is accurate to +-1 degree Fahrenheit. However, Fever-Bugz® should not be used to manage important health concerns, as it is only a fever indicator. Always use a thermometer to confirm temperature readings, particularly if you see any unusual readings. Do not rely only on temperature readings. If you have concerns, seek medical advice. Fever-Bugz® Stick-On Fever Indicator should not replace a visit to the doctor.
My child is younger than 12 months; can I use Fever-Bugz?
Fever-Bugz® is recommended for use only on children 12 months and older due to the fact that below 12 months the skin maybe very sensitive.
How do I use Fever-Bugz?
Peel Fever-Bugz® off the protective plastic strip and apply it directly to the forehead (recommended location), armpit or chest. Within seconds Fever-Bugz® will light up and indicates N (for normal), 99, 101, 103, 105 F (and over). The temperature reading corresponds to the highest figure which appears green. If green does not appear, this means the temperature is in transition between two indicating numbers. When continuous monitoring is no longer necessary, simply remove Fever-Bugz® and discard. Do not reuse.
How does Fever-Bugz work?
Fever-Bugz® fever indicators use encapsulated liquid crystal technology to indicate the user’s body temperature in 2 degrees increments.
Why did Fever-Bugz not stay on my child for 48 hours?
Fever-Bugz® offers continuous monitoring up to 48 hours. However, depending on your children’s skin type, activity and the Fever-Bugz® placement, it might fall off sooner. Additionally if your child peels off and reapplies the bug, it might alter the accuracy and lead it to fall off prematurely.
Two temperatures appear on the Fever-Bugz, what does this mean?
When two temperatures appear, the temperature is mid way between the two numbers. See Step 2 on this How to Use Your Fever-Bugz web page
Can Fever-Bugz be worn while taking a shower?
Yes you can. It can also be worn while bathing.
Will Fever-Bugz cause an allergic reaction?
The adhesive glue used for the Fever-Bugz® is hypoallergenic therefore it should not cause an allergic reaction.
Can Fever-Bugz be use more than once?
Each Fever-Bugz® is for single use only. It will stay on for up to 48 hours depending on skin type, placement and activity. Removing and replacing Fever-Bugz® reduces the adhesiveness.
Can Fever-Bugz be used to manage important health concerns?
No, Fever-Bugz® should not be used to manage important health concerns. It is only a fever indicator. If you have concerns, seek medical advice. Fever-Bugz® stick-on fever indicators should not replace a visit to the doctor. (See note below)
Is Fever-Bugz suitable for adults?
Fever-Bugz® is appropriate for all ages above 12 months.